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creative people for creative projects.

Sell your creativity and skills online very easily and in just a few steps

In the following you will find all the answers to questions you might be interested in.

24 hours open and reachable

Your products are always in the find marketplace findable and can reach the right target group

own free findd-page

Create your own free findd page in no time at all.

sell directly in the marketplace

Specially developed to promote the sale of your creative works and products online.

Why findd and who is findd for?

findd was made especially for artists, designers, web developers, Photographers, video specialists and creative professionals developed. The goal is to provide a platform where everyone of them can provide his services without an own Website and can reached by customers in an easy way.

create your own findd page easily and for free

comprehensive categories ensure a good overview

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What can I do with findd?

findd offers you the possibility of using your own free findd site, to present you and your services, your hobby or even your business in just a few simple steps. Our sophisticated Category overview and an optimal search function provides the corresponding search results.

present yourself and your skills easily

integrated Search functions for better results

create your free findd page now

Sell ​​directly in the findd-Marketplace in a short way

An additional marketplace for direct sales of your finished projects and articles. Individuality is very important to findd. You have finished and specially created products and projects - then do not hesitate and put them directly in the findd marketplace and look forward to increase your sales quickly.

set finished products and articles directly

comprehensive categories ensure a good overview

create articles for the marketplace now

What does it cost me?

findd is developed in the first place around small entrepreneurs like you to open the door to the digital world. Especially in current times it has become more and more difficult to run a small shop on to keep life. We therefore want to help you and for this reason, the basic version of findd is completely free in full functionality. So what are you waiting for - start with one Step into your new business life.

free and easy to use

fair trade and no hidden costs

get startet for free

Dashboard and Statistics.

findd also offers you a special developed Dashboard. Statistics and Overviews of your sales, items in the marketplace and incoming payments also functions like comments and likes provide for perfect overview. You get a safe and free support for all your business activities and you can easily keep everything in overview.

get a perfect overview of all activities

clear, simple and easy to use

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Diversity - findd category scope.

What does findd offer and who is in good hands with us? Very simple: click on a main category suits you or select the "Categories" area in the top Menu bar. Now you get an overview of our main categories. To get the extensive subcategories - you simply click on the appropriate category and you can inform exactly and get started.

7 main categories show clear main topics

extensive sub-categories ensure order

category overview

Security and payment.

Of course we offer you security in all areas. Your personal data is in good hands and we will treat them with the greatest care. We work with the best and safe Payment Providers like "Stripe" and "PayPal". You issue invoices to your customers on yourself, we take care of it for that you can transmit this as quickly as possible.

safty first - your data is in good hands with us

own billing and contact to customers

get started now for free

Set sail? - Then off to new shores.

individual and tasty design that is the basic idea of ​​findd. We, the findd team have developed this platform especially for the digital market in terms of individuality and creativity revolutionize. Very simple, you have what it takes? - then show it World out there and easy get new creative orders for your business and inspire your new customers with your skills, works of art and services.

individually, qualitatively and tastefully

make money online with your skills

now set sail and start