We are always open so that you can sell your creative projects and products directly online.
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With the find marketplace, you don’t need your own online shop to sell your works online

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We work with the most common payment providers and thus guarantee secure processing

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Specially developed to sell your creative works and products online

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Think digital now. You are an artist, a creative craftsman or designer and you don’t sell your creative works online yet? You have sales slumps or sales problems in your shop and customers are missing? Then sell easily online direct now on findd.

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sell now in the findd marketplace

Sell ​​directly online

Sell ​​your individual articles and products simply and easily direct in the findd marketplace and thus reach exactly the right target group. Take your business to a new level and bid your customers a new, flexible and simply outstanding shopping experience.

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sell now in the findd marketplace

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No matter where you are. Place your products where your customers are and increase your reach. The findd marketplace was specially designed for the sale of your creative unique items and focus on the sale of your works without unnecessary ballast.

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sell now in the findd marketplace

free and secure

Using the find marketplace is free of charge for you in the basic version with onw showcase. One showcase is not enough for you, then you can book more individually or use 5 showcases to sell your works with the findd plus subscription.

There is no limit to the number or type of items you can sell. We offer you a guaranteed secure sale of your works through modern payment methods.

One showcase for sale in the basic version

Modern payment methods make sales easier

sell now in the findd marketplace

everything at a glance in the dashboard

Purchasing is a matter of trust. In the findd dashboard you therefore keep all of your information Overview of inventory and manage your own sales, payments and statistics. We guarantee a secure payment of the income to your bank or PayPal account by Stripe or PayPal.

work safely and professional together

your business - for your future

sell now in the findd marketplace

Prices and Fees

We offer the payment providers Stripe and PayPal for safe and easy payment transactions. We take a small fee so that the transaction, payout and further action can be processed.

We are constantly working on simplifying and optimizing payment transactions for buyers and sellers so that you always have the best experience.

15% of the price per PayPal transaction

12% of the price per Stripe transaktion

sell now in the findd marketplace